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2 Tips on How to Care for Your Pontoon

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A pontoon boat is a great investment. Pontoon boats are primarily used as marine construction vessels thanks to their increased buoyancy which allows them to float on the water even when loaded with heavy construction materials. Pontoon boats are also used for recreational fishing. As a responsible pontoon boat owner, it is important to ensure that you’re familiar with what it takes to keep your boat in great working conditions at all times. The article below provides two tips on pontoon boat care and maintenance. Covering Your Boat Caring for your pontoon boat will require that you remember to cover the boat with an appropriate material whenever it is not in use. This is especially important if the boat is expected to be immobile for an extended period of time. Pontoon boat covers come in a variety of materials designed to meet the personal preferences and financial ability of pontoon boat owners. Polyester and acrylic are some examples of the most commonly used boat cover materials. The most important factor to consider when looking for a pontoon boat cover is its ability to “breathe” and allow for exchange of air. This is important as it helps to stop accumulation of moisture within your pontoon. There are numerous advantages associated with this including the fact that it deters the growth of molds and mildew within the pontoon. Cleaning Your Boat Taking good care of your pontoon boat also involves cleaning the boat on a regular basis. This is an essential activity because it helps prevent accumulation of organic debris on various surfaces of the boat, thereby eliminating a potential source of food for molds and mildew. Pontoon boats are typically cleaned using wet-dry vacuum cleaners and deck brushes. Remember that you should not use regular commercial cleaning products on a pontoon boat. This is for the simple reason that a large number of these products contain large amounts of chemicals that are harmful to marine life. Your local boat supplies shop should have cleaning products designed specifically for water vessels which any responsible pontoon boat owner should invest in. Pontoon boats don’t come cheap. In order to protect your investment and get the most out of it, you will have to invest in its proper care and maintenance. It is important to note that the care and maintenance tips discussed above are applicable regardless of the activity for which the pontoon is to be used. For more information, contact resources such as Prestige...

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The 4 Types of Fire That Make Your Small Business a Success

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It’s not easy running a small business. It’s tiring, it’s stressful, and sometimes it might feel as if the whole world is against you. Perhaps the most difficult part of all is figuring out how to balance everything. Where do you even begin? For starters, all you need to do is remember the word “fire”.  Listed below are four tips and tricks related to this word that can get your company’s production and turnover really heating up. Fire Drills & Safety A safe business is a successful business. With the help of companies such as Total Fire Solutions (Aust) Pty. Ltd. check, check and double check that every fire safety item is up to scratch, the emergency exits are clearly signposted, and that employees are regularly and fully briefed on every kind of safety – from food hygiene to fire drills. Be sure to regularly question your employees with regards to safety measures, and make certain that you know every single one of them like the back of your hand. Government regulations mean that every business must adhere to certain industry standards, and if your company continually fails to follow the necessary procedures through correctly, then officials will not hesitate to shut your business down. Make sure everything feels safe and secure at all times too. If employees do not feel safe in their working environment, then their productivity may suffer. Also, if disaster does strike, they will every right to sue you for negligence in the workplace, which can put a significant financial strain on your company and cause you unnecessary mental stress. Firewall Most modern-day small businesses use computers in one way or another, and it is absolutely vital that your company operates safely and securely when using internet access. Make sure that every single computer in your company’s office has a firewall built in place. If you’re not sure how to do this, it is certainly worth hiring an IT expert to come in and do it for you. Not only does this prevent employees from accessing the wrong kind of sites, but it also provides the business servers with a defense against external hackers.   All business documents need to be backed up. Whilst it’s important to try and conserve printing in order to protect the enviornment, it’s always handy to have a paper copy of some of the more important documents. Ensure that every single one of your employees knows the rules and regulations regarding computer network use, and what to avoid when scouring the internet or opening e-mails. Fireworks Employee motivation is absolutely essential for high business productivity. Happy employees are productive employees, and it’s important for you as a business owner to keep the fireworks crackling and avoid a cloud of tedium and boredom spreading across the office. Keep things ticking over by encouraging employee feedback. The use of web-based 360 feedback tools and surveys allow your employees to have their say, and you can use this information to actively improve your business. Be sure to repeat that you have an open-door policy. If possible, implement some job rotation within your company too, as this will keep things fresh and interesting for all your staff. However, it’s important not to go overboard in terms of rewards. Employees will take advantage of you if...

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Advantages Of Custom Seat Covers

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Seat covers are popular accessories for vehicles because they provide an extra layer to safeguard the integrity of the seats. This ensures that the resale value of the automobile does not decline due to worn-out seat features. They can also restore the visual appeal of the interior of an old vehicle, which in turn enhances comfort. The process of buying seat covers is daunting since there is a wide range of products available. If you are considering purchasing these fabric accessories, your primary decision will be whether to get custom or universal seat covers. Universal covers can typically be bought in online and local auto accessories dealers and are made such that they fit on a range of pertinent seat configurations while custom made seat covers are designed for a specific car as ordered by the client. Here some of the benefits of choosing the latter option over universal alternatives. The Fit Custom seat covers are tailor-made based on the specific dimensions of the car model. Your products will be configured such that they encompass the main seat and the headrest. You can also present special request on covers that can be installed on other areas such as armrests. With a good designer and supplier, you will not have to constantly readjust since there will be no slipping or sliding of the fabric. The installation problems commonly associated with smaller than ideal universal covers are not experienced with custom products. Fabric The durability and quality of custom seat covers is only limited by your budget and preferences. You can specify the exact fabric material you require by considering factors such as your lifestyle and maintenance needs. Universal covers sometimes utilise both low and high quality materials to offset the total production costs. Custom products are typically more expensive but you can be certain that you will receive exactly what you pay for. For instance, you can be certain that there will be no faux leather in hidden sections of the covers if you order and purchase real leather. Style Options Custom seat cover suppliers have a wide range of patterns to choose from so you can personalise the interior design of the car. There are different colour possibilities depending on the intrinsic properties of your chosen material. For instance, velour is available in almost every colour while ballistic nylon is limited to black and similar dark shades. When ordering your covers, consider selecting design styles that match the visible interior panels of your...

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Plumbing Woes: 4 Telltale Causes of a Leaking Shower

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A leaking shower will cause a range of problems that could be mildly annoying or unequivocally vicious. The kind of leak in your shower will dictate whether you need simple or extensive repair work to be conducted. A leaking shower head or faucet is a minor fix that you can undertake on your own. But major leaks that threaten the structural integrity of floors and ceilings require professional assistance. Here are 4 telltale causes of a leaking shower. Incorrectly Fitted Washers A common problem faced in a leaking shower is the result of the washer that seals the outlet and prevents water from spewing out when it is turned off. If you are facing a leaking shower problem, there is a possibility that the washer inside the outlet is worn out or incorrectly installed. This is an easy fix: simply remove the old washer and replace it with a snug-fitting new washer to stop the leak. Loose Connections A loose connection somewhere is perhaps the most common reason for a leaking shower. If you notice a loose shower head, you simply need to tighten the nuts holding the pipe to the shower head. This minor problem can easily be fixed on your own. A bigger problem of a leaking shower is a loose or cracked pipe. Water flows into the shower through pipes that are installed in the bathroom walls. This will create wet patches on the lining of the wall. You’ll need to undo the wall lining to expose the loose pipe; a professional should undertakes this as it involves more intricate plumbing work. Poor Drain Connection For water to drain from the shower, it should pass through the holes in the drain and through the pipe. If the drain connection is improperly fitted or if too much residue from hair and soap retains within the pipes, water will start leaking from the drainpipe and into the area below the drain—this will ultimately destroy the ceiling or subflooring beneath the drainpipe. This complex fix requires the help of professional plumbers such as Gaffney’s Leaking Showers. Cracked Shower Heads A shower head leak could be the result of a crack that has developed internally. This can be identified easily by running water and carefully observing the area of the shower head that is leaking. Once you’ve pinpointed the leaking area, plumbing putty should be used to seal the crack if it isn’t too large to prevent the leak from getting bigger. A major shower head crack is best fixed by replacing your old shower head with a completely new...

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How to Choose the Best AC Option for Your Home or Apartment

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If you need air conditioning in your home or apartment, you don’t need to choose a central air unit as this is not your only option. For apartment dwellers and those who live in small homes or who don’t have the budget for a large, central unit, consider some additional options you might choose for air conditioning. These can keep your space cool without the expense and installation costs of a central air conditioning unit. 1. Window units The large, loud window units you might be familiar with are a thing of the past. Today’s window air conditioning units are smaller, thinner, and much quieter than ever before. They are easy to lift and to install in a window, and because they’re lighter you can just close the pane on top of them and they rest easily in the frame without needing to be braced up on the outside of the window. A window unit is good for apartment dwellers who may want to take their unit with them when they move, or might be a good choice for bedrooms when you don’t want to run your central unit at night but still stay cool and comfortable. 2. Portable units Just as you can find space heaters in the hardware store, there are also portable air conditioners as well. Larger units that cool bigger rooms may be on wheels so you can move them easily, or you might find smaller units that you can set up in a corner and simply plug in. Most still need to be vented out a window but these vents are very thin and lightweight and easy to manage. These are also good for apartment dwellers who want something they can take with them when they leave. They’re also a good choice for rooms that never seem to get cool and which aren’t used consistently, such as an upstairs bedroom that is poorly insulated and which allows the cool air to escape easily. 3. Split systems Split systems are what you commonly see in hotels. These are vented directly out an outer wall rather than being connected to a central unit. This means they require less work for installation and are more affordable to operate, since a split system only cools one room at a time. It’s a good choice for smaller homes and studio apartments, and the unit itself is very small and can fit easily into a wall or even the ceiling. Since they’re easier to install and smaller, they’re often more affordable to purchase than a central unit. Learn more about which system is ideal for you—contact local experts such as Airconomic to get...

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3 Important Tips for Making Your Exhibition Display Stand Out from the Crowd

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Participating in an expo of some sort is a great way to advertise your product or service directly to potential customers and clients. You can talk with consumers face-to-face and even demonstrate your product to them. However, one drawback of expos is that you’re just one booth among hundreds if not even thousands of others, and it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Consider a few tips to make any exhibition more noticeable and memorable when at an expo. 1. Use motion The human eye is more likely to notice something that is in motion rather than something that remains still, which is why many traffic or warning lights actually blink or flash; a driver is more likely to notice the blinking light than one that is stationary. Use this to your advantage at an expo and have blinking or flashing lights or a scrolling sign, rather than simple banners and static signs. People will notice your booth even from a distance. 2. Use color Their eyes also notices bright and bold colors, and this too is something to remember when at an expo. Your colors should somehow coordinate with your product, for example, tech products might use a cool blue whereas organic foods and skincare products might stick with a soft green. However, these colors should be bold and very noticeable around your booth and should be the dominant color, rather than simple white. This too will get you noticed from a distance and will ensure your booth stands out from all those surrounding it. 3. Use video Video is a great choice for making your booth stand out from a crowd at an expo as it not only draws people to your booth but can also “sell” your product to them. A person may be attracted to the moving image and sound of a video but they may also stand and watch a demonstration of your product or a sales pitch that’s part of the product. This gives you the added bonus of not just drawing a crowd to your booth but also showing them the value and benefit of your product and services A video can be something you show on a small TV monitor on a countertop or it can be something you display on a large screen overhead, depending on what you’re allowed at the expo. Either way, it can be a great sales tool and get your booth noticed. Glean more tips from experts such as Go Hire The Event People to make a great impression at your next...

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Things To Ask A Personal Trainer

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When you’ve decided that you need help with your fitness program, you may want to hire a personal trainer. These professionals specialise in designing a nutrition and exercise program that can help you achieve your fitness goals. But before you hire a personal trainer, here are some important questions to ask. What’s The Best Way For Me To Lose Weight? — This question will give you an idea of a prospective personal trainer’s overall fitness philosophy. Some trainers will tell you to cut your carb intake, increase your protein consumption and exercise five days a week. Some trainers may emphasise cardio more than strength training to achieve weight loss. But the one thing you do want to hear a prospective trainer say is that you have to burn more calories than you consume. Without that as a foundation, the rest of it doesn’t really matter. What’s Your Feeling About Supplements? — Some personal trainers will recommend vitamin and protein powders to help you maximise your training, but you should be wary of any prospective trainer who talks extensively about the value of supplements, unless that trainer is also a nutritionist or dietician. With the number of supplements on the market, you definitely want to take advice from someone who’s qualified to know how the supplements will affect your mind and body. How Often Should I Work Out? — This is a trick question, and a very important one—without a full physical evaluation, a prospective personal trainer should never answer that question. Any trainer who responds by providing you with a number without having first put you through an initial physical test to evaluate your stamina, fitness level and overall conditioning is one you should avoid. Are You A Full-Time Trainer? — Some personal trainers only provide services on a part-time basis, meaning that they have another job that pays the bills. It may sound harsh, but you really want to avoid trainers who don’t work full-time at their profession. It doesn’t necessarily follow that a part-time trainer is a bad choice, but a trainer who works full-time at their job is often one who is more successful, which is why they are able to devote their time exclusively to helping people like you achieve their fitness goals. When you’re interviewing a personal trainer, the most important thing you can do is find someone who has a fitness philosophy that takes both your mind and body into account. You also want a trainer who will challenge and motivate you, which can help you break through burnout and fatigue, and encourage you to achieve new milestones. For more information, contact a company like Peak Performance Personal...

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4 Important Finances To Look At Before Buying A Laundromat

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You need to think about several factors before you buy a given laundromat. This article discusses four important figures that you should pay attention to when deciding whether to a buy a particular Laundromat. The Gross Weekly Income As you look at the records of the Laundromat you want to buy, pay attention to the gross income it makes every week. This number is very important because it gives you a critical clue into how busy that business is. If the number is very low, the Laundromat may not be as profitable as you would want it to be since profits come from keeping the machines busy at work. If the figure is high, the business may be worth considering. The Duration Of The Lease Location is a very important factor for any business, including Laundromats. It is for this reason that you should inquire into how much time is still left on the lease of that Laundromat you would like to buy. The longer the lease (for instance, 20 years) the more attractive that business is. Do not buy a Laundromat whose lease is about to expire since you may end up being stuck with equipment that you must get space for. What Fraction Of Gross Earnings Goes To Utilities Utilities like water and electricity are the biggest expense of a Laundromat, so this figure is very important when you are evaluating the profitability of the Laundromat you want to buy. If the percentage of this cost is high, for instance close to 50 per cent, then that business may not be very profitable. If you buy a business with a high percentage of the gross earnings going to utilities, then you may have to raise what you charge customers in order to improve profitability. Turns Per Day For Each Machine This figure gives you a very clear idea of which machines in the Laundromat are very busy and which ones are not doing much work. This information will help you to know whether you need to install bigger machines in the Laundromat or get rid of the big machines if they are not doing a lot of work. The data on turns per day can also help you to decide when it is time to expand the business. If you keep the figures above in mind as you evaluate different Laundromats, you will choose the most profitable one and the investment will give you a very good...

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The Benefits Of Using Perforated Metal As A Building Material

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Perforated metal is gaining popularity as a building materialto shore up the structural strength of a building or to be used as an internal feature. Consider some advantages to using perforated metal as a building material for your new construction or for when you’re remodelling or renovating a building. 1. It’s completely recyclable Perforated metal sheets are completely recyclable so they’re more environmentally friendly. When a building is renovated or remodelled, the perforated metal sheets won’t wind up in a landfill where they would then break down and leak chemicals into the soil and groundwater. Instead, perforated metal can be reused in other buildings or it can be melted down and recycled for other uses. For any building owner that is concerned about the environment or who wants to reduce his or her own contribution to pollution, this can be a perfect option. 2. It can reduce energy costs When you use perforated metal on the facade of a building, you are using the natural cooling abilities of shadow to cut down on energy costs. One study showed that a building may see a 29% reduction in energy costs by using perforated metal. For larger buildings or buildings of any size, this can add up to quite the cost savings over the years. 3. Perforated metal is virtually maintenance free When you use perforated metal for a building material, it is virtually maintenance free, which can cut down on the cost and hassle of making repairs. Other building materials may get easily damaged or need regular repairs, but perforated metal needs little if any maintenance. It is easy to clean as well; for interior uses it can be simply dusted or washed with a damp rag and doesn’t need special cleansers or other products. This saves on the cost of a cleaning crew and cuts down on the time it may take to maintain or replace these materials. 4. Perforated metal lasts for years Along with being virtually maintenance free, perforated metal is meant to last for years. Other building materials are prone to rot or mould, but perforated metal is durable and long-lasting. In turn this reduces a building owner’s costs in having materials replaced or in eventually needing to have a building demolished because building materials are beyond repair. Remember these four advantages to perforated metal and consider using it for a building material either inside your building or as a structural material. For more information, contact a business such as Acorn Metal Products Pty...

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Truck-Driving Tips To Tackle Low Bridges

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A truck driver involved in a low bridge crash is bound to lose their job and undergo prosecution, besides causing havoc and inconvenience to the bridge, vehicle, truck owner and the railway track. The truck owner also risks losing their operator’s licence. All the costs relating to bridge examination, damage repair, vehicle recovery, train services delays, etc. must also be borne by the vehicle owner.  This article will provide some tips to help you prevent this kind of accident from happening to you. Read Bridge Signs Most low bridges have signs indicating bridge dimensions and the vehicle height restrictions. Generally, bridges with a clearance lesser than 5 meters or 16 feet 6 inches are marked. The numbers are mostly expressed in both imperial and metric units. If you underwent a theory assessment during your truck licence test, you learned how to decode these signs. To ensure truck height compliance with bridge measurements, know your overall vehicle height, which is usually displayed in the truck manual or within the cab. The height of the truck can be lowered by adjusting the fifth wheel or via reloading or unloading the trailer. This is a quick tip to implement if you believe your truck can move through safely if it loses a few inches in height. Avoid Narrow Lanes When you are on the road driving a heavy goods vehicle, tread along on the freeways or avoid narrow lanes. Low bridges are generally built over tapered roads. Therefore, avoid shortcuts and continue with the usual routes, so that the probability of encountering a low bridge goes down considerably. If you have no option but to move along unconventional routes, keep a watch for the signs. Most roads with low bridges have precautionary signs quite a few kilometers ahead of the bridge, so that larger vehicles can practice caution and take a diversion before approaching the overpass and getting deadlocked. Arch Bridge Driving When confronting an arch bridge, drive through the center of the road as the curved edges could be lower than your truck height, even if the actual bridge is taller than the vehicle. Generally, these arch bridges have signs inscribed, indicating drivers to use the mid-portion of the road. Make sure your truck’s presence is observed by other approaching vehicles and motorists on the road, and horn continuously while slowly moving through the bridge. In case of a collision, don’t try moving the vehicle. Call the police or your owner, if it’s not your vehicle. Report the matter to the railway authorities so that the trains supposed to take the bridge are stopped. Keep the general public away and don’t let them near the vehicle, for a sudden explosion cannot be ruled out. You can find out more by contacting a truck licence training program, such as Alltrans Training...

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