What Type of Company Needs a Live Answering Service?

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A live answering service can be a great choice for a variety of different companies; this type of service answers your phones when you’re away and may provide their service on weekends, holidays, and the like. Not every company may need a live answering service for after hours or for hours when it’s expected that a business will be closed, but there are many companies that can benefit from a live answering service. Note a few of those here so you can determine if this is the right choice for you. If your customers are likely to go elsewhere Many customers or clients who call to ask a question about your product or service may decide to go elsewhere if they don’t get an immediate answer; if you sell items online, they may find those items at a different website just as quickly and easily. If you perform a service in your local area and there are other companies that provide this same service, your clients might hang up and call another company just as quickly when they don’t get an answer. If you have such a business, where you have lots of competition and customers or clients who can easily frequent that competition if they don’t get a quick answer on the phone, it’s good to have a live answering service. If your customer base needs an immediate response A lawyer may be able to call a client back when it’s convenient, but if you’re a doctor or dentist, a bail bondsperson, or someone whose clients need an immediate response, you want a live answering service. They can reassure your clients that you are readily available and then determine if you should be called and alerted to your clients’ needs or if a call can be forwarded to a partner or otherwise handled quickly. If you have a worldwide customer base A time zone difference can be very difficult to juggle if you have a worldwide customer base. Your customers in another country may not appreciate having to call in the middle of their nighttime just to get an answer from customer service, or they may realise that your company is not as worldwide as you advertise when they can never get an answer when they call. If you sell products online or have business contacts in other countries for any reason, it’s good to have a live answering service that can operate 24 hours per day in order to make all your customers happy, not just local...

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How Can Stainless Steel Rust?

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You might think that any stainless steel products should never rust, but occasionally this does happen. This could be due to a number of different situations and you should talk to your fabricator to see what can be done to alleviate this risk. Choosing the Initial Materials Take a careful look at the supply chain in the first instance. Ask your fabricator to ascertain whether the proper stainless steel grade has been initially chosen for your job. Not only this, but your finished surface has to be correctly identified too. The surface will be more resistant to corrosion if it is highly polished. Specialist expertise is needed during the selection of the abrasive grade used in the creation of the finished surface. Carbon Steel What you may think appears to be rusting of the actual stainless steel itself, may well be carbon contamination instead. When wire brushes are used and grinding dust is in place, this situation can materialise. If any carbon steel fabrication needs to be done as an integral part of any stainless steel work, then these two separate jobs should be done in different locations. If this simply isn’t possible, careful cleaning operations must be implemented, so the machine is ready before the second process begins. Stainless steel should also be covered with some plastic coating, to protect it before work commences. Care During Welding If your fabrication shop requires some welding during certain stages, then a specific treatment will have to be applied at the finish. Welding produces oxidation and a condition known as “heat tint.” An oxidised surface will be less resistant to rust than the material that is adjacent to it. In these cases, special cleaning operations will need to be engaged, using pastes, sprays, gels, and brushes. Care During Transportation The fabricator should also ensure that care is taken once the work is out of their hands and the steel has to be protected as it moves from the workshop to the client. As an example, should the stainless steel come into contact with any commonplace brick or masonry cleaning products, then immediate contamination is likely, as these products usually contain muriatic acid. Aftercare Finally, as the end user, you also have a duty of care if you want to prevent rusting issues. Just make sure you clean the stainless steel regularly using warm water and soap, followed by a rinse with clear water. If you have to choose something extra for stubborn stains, make sure the polish used is...

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Common Types of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes You Can Choose From

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Corrugation in the packaging industry refers to the construction of a packaging material that is made from three different layers. The middle layer that is fluted or folded is held between two flat layers. Different corrugated cardboard boxes are available for different purposes. This article discusses some of the common kinds of corrugated boxes that you can select from based on your packaging needs. Telescope Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Telescope corrugated cardboard boxes usually have a top and a bottom section. The top section or cover fits over the bottom part of the box. The top section may at times cover more than two thirds of the bottom section. This type of box is commonly used to package few retail items, such as a pair of shoes. The advantage of this type of box design is that, because the bottom is slightly smaller than the top (rather than the same size), it can be stacked without a serious risk of damaging the contents. Slider Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Slider corrugated cardboard boxes also have two parts. However, they differ from telescope boxes in the way the two parts come together once an item is placed inside the box. One part of the slider corrugated cardboard box is slotted horizontally, and it slips onto the second component which is somewhat tray-like. This type of box allows manufacturers to package fancy items, such as top of the range perfumes and gift items, in a way that will be attractive to customers. Full Overlap Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Full overlap corrugated cardboard boxes have four flaps at their top and bottom. At least two of the flaps extend to the entire width of the box, while the other two may extend the entire width or just partway. This enables the box to withstand any rough handling that the package may be subjected to during transportation and storage. These boxes are ideal for heavy products, such as refrigerators. Slotted Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Slotted corrugated cardboard boxes are the most common type of box available on the market. This may be due to the ease with which they can be assembled for use. The box is made from one piece of corrugated cardboard that has been glued or taped together at the different joints. The box is then flattened for easy transportation and storage. These boxes have four flaps at the top and at the bottom. Slotted corrugated cardboard boxes are versatile and can be used to package small or large items. Deciding which type of corrugated cardboard box is right for you is just one of the steps that you need to follow as you choose a packaging material. You also have to think about the impact resistance of the box, the type of printing suitable for that product and the flute style. Discuss all these parameters with a packaging professional from a company like Ragi...

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How to Choose the Right Accessories for Pressure Washing Equipment

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Many homeowners have a simple power washer that they use for cleaning the driveway and sidewalks as well as the house itself. If you have a small farm or work on cars in the garage, you need the power washer to rinse away dirt, grime, and other debris on the floor of the workspace. When buying pressure washing equipment, note a few accessories you’ll need to ensure you can use the equipment as intended and get any job done right. 1. Nozzles Nozzles may all look alike to you, but different nozzles have different applications with pressure washers. You may note that nozzles are classified by degrees, with a lower degree meaning that it will deliver more pressure or power. Choose a lower degree if you’ll be blasting grease off of tools or mildew and mold off the side of a boat, but a higher degree if you are only using your pressure washer for cleaning the side of your house. Don’t assume a lower degree of nozzle is better as these may take some practice to use safely and they can cause damage to certain surfaces if you don’t control them properly, even breaking glass or etching a car body. 2. Brushes and wands Angled wands with an extender are used for cleaning a home’s gutters; the angle of the wand allows you to reach up and over the side of the gutter. If you’re choosing a brush for cleaning a driveway or the side of a house, be sure you opt for the right type of bristle. You’ll need something stiff and coarse for the driveway, but don’t want to scratch your home’s aluminum siding or your car’s body with something too coarse either. It can actually be good to stock up on a few brushes for maximum cleaning versatility. A brush with a spinning jet can make it easier to clean larger surfaces, as you wouldn’t need to run the brush back and forth manually in order to scrub away dirt and grime. 3. Detergent A pressure washer with an onboard detergent injector can make adding soaps and detergents easier; these dispense the detergent along with the water as you wash. Some models come with an injector tube or siphoning tube, so you add the detergent as you go along. This can allow you to better control the amount of detergent that is delivered as you clean, but can also mean more work as you need to manually add the detergent during the cleaning process. For more information, contact companies like Jetwave Industrial...

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Four great reasons why seniors should hire professional painters

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If you’ve spent your life thus far as a proactive hands-on homeowner, you may find it difficult to relinquish control over renovation and repair jobs around the home as you age. When it comes to having your home painted, however, there are four great reasons why seniors should hire professional painters to do the job. Avoid respiratory irritation and allergies Even moderate exposure to solvent-based paint fumes can cause a host of symptoms: headaches, sinusitis, asthma, and irritation of the throat, eyes and nose. While water-based paints give off less fumes and odours, they can still irritate those predisposed to respiratory problems and sensitivity to airborne allergens. The solvent-based cleaning solutions used to clean painting equipment can be similarly harmful. To avoid posing any additional risk to your respiratory health, hire a licenced painter and decorator to do the job. Professional painters are experts in mitigating the harmful effects of regular contact with paints and solvents. Give your body a break Both interior and exterior painting jobs can be very physically demanding. As you age, this sort of physical exertion can aggravate pre-existing injuries, as well as being quite taxing on your energy levels, stamina and strength. By hiring a professional painter for your home decorating work, you can give your body a much deserved break. Perhaps take the opportunity to participate in a less strenuous form of exercise, such as a brisk walk to your local cafĂ© for brunch with friends. Protect your personal safety Working with paints and solvents, particularly in a poorly-ventilated indoor space, can result in the painter feeling lightheaded and dizzy. Combine that with use of ladders or power tools, and it becomes quite an unsafe work environment for a senior home renovator. By hiring a professional painting contractor who is equipped with industrial-strength breathing apparatus and is experienced in working at a height, you will be acting to protect your personal health and safety. Skip the clean up One of the most frustrating and laborious parts of home decorating is the clean up process that follows any major renovation work., particularly if you are a senior with limited mobility. One of the major benefits of hiring a professional painter for your indoor or outdoor paint work is that you get to skip the clean up process. Your painting contractor will complete the job in full, ensuring that any mess created during the process is tidied up after the painting is finished. This way, you will have professional quality paintwork, without any of the mess or fuss. Contact your local professional painter like Watkins Morgan Painting Service Pty Ltd for a competitive quote and expert...

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Various Benefits of Opting For Generator Rentals for Your Event

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If you are hosting an event outdoors, one of the most important concerns you would have is a consistent supply of power. Some venues may allow you to connect to their power supply, but this is not a guarantee for each and every venue. Additionally, there are venues that may be located in remote areas that do not have any power supply at all and you would have to consider alternative methods of keeping your event up and running. One of the most convenient options you could consider when it comes to power solutions would be generator rentals. Here are some of the various benefits of opting for generator rentals for your event.  Generator rentals are affordable A common misconception that some event organizers may have is that buying their own generator would be more profitable that having to opt for generator rentals. The truth of the matter, though, is that the initial cost, as well as the overhead costs of owning a generator, tends to be much higher. For instance, you may reason that owning a generator means you will always have a power supply for the events you organize. However, not all venues will be powerless; hence, you may not need your generator for each and every event. This means it will take you much longer to recoup your initial investment. Rather than opting to purchase your own generator and ensuring that it is always fuelled, you would be better off with generator rental that already come fully fuelled, ready to power your event.  Generator rentals are well maintained Another advantage of opting for generator rentals is that you are not responsible for the care and maintenance of the equipment. Owning a generator means you have to engage in regular cleaning so as to ensure that the machinery is working in proper condition. Additionally, you cannot let fuel remain in the generator for lengthy periods of time, as it could become stale and affect the engine of the generator. This could also cause you losses if you do not use your generator regularly yet still have to change out the fuel. When you opt for generator rentals, this becomes none of your concern. The rental companies will always clean their generators after use, so you can rest assured that you are using a well-maintained piece of equipment. Additionally, they are tasked with ensuring the generators have the right amount of fuel so you also do not have to spend money keeping their tanks sufficiently filled.  For more information about the benefits and uses of generator rentals, contact a local rental...

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