Choose the Perfect Outfit for Your Sales Team With These Four Tips

Posted by on Sep 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

If your business uses a door-to-door sales crew, you have to think carefully about what your team wears. When someone is knocking at someone else’s door trying to sell something, they need to be disarming, convincing and professional, and the right clothes can help. Wondering what your staff should wear in the field? Here are some tips to consider: 1. Choose professionalism over individualism. Arguably when someone is trying to pitch a product, they should feel comfortable and confident, and wearing their own clothes could help with that. However, when a prospective client is opening their door to someone on your team, you want to reassure them that the salesperson is a professional and certainly not a scam artist. To that end, your sales crew should always wear a uniform rather than their own street clothing. 2. Integrate your logo. To assure clients that the person standing in front of them is from an established and reputable company, your logo should appear on all of your business uniforms. This also helps to brand your company. In many cases, people at the door may say no but change their minds later. If they spent the entire pitch seeing the logo on your salesperson’s outfit, they will be more likely to remember your company name and be able to contact you. 3. Make it attractive. Even though you are not outfitting your employees in their own clothes, you still want to ensure they feel attractive and confident. To that end, opt for a few different styles of uniforms. That way, everyone is more likely to have an option that feels comfortable to them. For example, offer both long trousers and skirts, fitted shirts and loose shirts, sweaters as well as blazers or similar types of options. If possible, talk to your employees as you decide on your uniform and get them involved in the process. 4. Balance professionalism with approachability. As stated above, you want your sales crew to look professional at the door. However, you also don’t want them to appear unapproachable to potential clients. To that end, you need to strike a balance between these two elements. For example, rather than dressing your sales staff in suits, put them in polo shirts. However, also remember to play to your area — a sales team that visits businesses may need a more formal uniform than a sales team to knocks on residential doors. For more information, contact a custom uniforms business....

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