How to Choose the Right Accessories for Pressure Washing Equipment

Posted by on Mar 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

Many homeowners have a simple power washer that they use for cleaning the driveway and sidewalks as well as the house itself. If you have a small farm or work on cars in the garage, you need the power washer to rinse away dirt, grime, and other debris on the floor of the workspace. When buying pressure washing equipment, note a few accessories you’ll need to ensure you can use the equipment as intended and get any job done right.

1. Nozzles

Nozzles may all look alike to you, but different nozzles have different applications with pressure washers. You may note that nozzles are classified by degrees, with a lower degree meaning that it will deliver more pressure or power. Choose a lower degree if you’ll be blasting grease off of tools or mildew and mold off the side of a boat, but a higher degree if you are only using your pressure washer for cleaning the side of your house. Don’t assume a lower degree of nozzle is better as these may take some practice to use safely and they can cause damage to certain surfaces if you don’t control them properly, even breaking glass or etching a car body.

2. Brushes and wands

Angled wands with an extender are used for cleaning a home’s gutters; the angle of the wand allows you to reach up and over the side of the gutter. If you’re choosing a brush for cleaning a driveway or the side of a house, be sure you opt for the right type of bristle. You’ll need something stiff and coarse for the driveway, but don’t want to scratch your home’s aluminum siding or your car’s body with something too coarse either. It can actually be good to stock up on a few brushes for maximum cleaning versatility. A brush with a spinning jet can make it easier to clean larger surfaces, as you wouldn’t need to run the brush back and forth manually in order to scrub away dirt and grime.

3. Detergent

A pressure washer with an onboard detergent injector can make adding soaps and detergents easier; these dispense the detergent along with the water as you wash. Some models come with an injector tube or siphoning tube, so you add the detergent as you go along. This can allow you to better control the amount of detergent that is delivered as you clean, but can also mean more work as you need to manually add the detergent during the cleaning process.

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