Line Marking Products Every Road Construction Foreman Should Have

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As foreman of a road construction crew line, marking is one of the many tasks you may have in front of you. This task requires having the right tools and products, as well as supplies, at your disposal. If you are attempting to make sure you have everything for line marking, consider the following products that every road construction foreman should have on hand. Tank Cleaning Solution The line marker you use will likely have a tank of some sort that houses the paint or the paint cans you will use. After long-term use, you will begin to see build-up of the paint in the tank, nozzles, and other working components of the line marker. This means you need a cleaning solution that will remove this paint residue and keep the marker from clogging or seizing. Cleaning solutions vary depending on the type of paint you are using and the line marker equipment, so choose carefully with those aspects in mind. Measuring Wheel You may not think of a measuring wheel as part of your line marking products list, but it is necessary for certain tasks you may face. For example, you may need to stop the lines at a certain point or you may need to add length to lines that are already in place. You will be given a specific amount of meters to add or to mark. An electronic measuring wheel can be walked the length and alert you when you reach your desired length amount. You can then mark that spot and run the line marking equipment to that point. This gives you an increased accuracy for your line marking. Line Marking Reel and Twine You may want to have a temporary line to run the painted line marking equipment along. This is usually to ensure you are following the correct path for the line marking that is required. One of the products that will help you is a line marking reel and twine combination set. The reel can be held by one of the workers while another worker pulls and runs the twine along the length for the line marking. The twine is then held in place and the line marker follows along. After the line paint is dried the twine can be reeled back in and used later. These are just a few of the line marking products every road construction foreman should have. You may need other options, like multiple forms of line marking equipment, for different jobs as well. Contact a company, such as A1 Roadlines Pty. Ltd, that sells line marking products for more options and...

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