Questions to Ask Before Hiring Any Courier Service

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A courier service is a type of delivery company that typically specializes in small, single packages, for local deliveries. Of course every type of company will be different in the services they offer, but if you need items like flowers, groceries, legal papers for clients, and things like these delivered quickly and locally, you would use a courier service.  Before you hire such a company, you want to ensure you find the right one so you know your packages will arrive on time and be protected en route. Note a few questions you might ask a potential company. 1. How much lead time is required for on-time delivery? Because a courier service usually works with a limited number of vehicles, they may need more lead time to arrange deliveries than you would expect. You typically cannot call them on a moment’s notice and expect your package to be picked up and delivered, even if it’s a very close, local delivery. Ask about their lead times and be sure you understand this requirement before you schedule any deliveries.  You might also note if they have separate pricing for rush deliveries, deliveries late in the day, and so forth. This can help you to know what to expect by way of pricing if you have a package that is urgent or cannot have it picked up until after three p.m., etc. 2. What notice is given for price changes? A courier service is often small and locally owned, so they may not offer a long-term contract for customers, and may then change their prices as they see fit. It’s good to ask if they give you notice about price changes, or be sure you ask about pricing with each delivery before it goes out. This can ensure that there are no surprises on your invoice, and also gives you the chance to shop around for better pricing if needed. 3. What insurance do they carry? Even if you only have legal documents delivered, you still want to ensure that a courier service has enough insurance to cover the cost of replacing anything they deliver for you. Remember that it takes time to prepare replacement copies of documents, and this in turn means cost for your staff. For items like flowers and groceries, you want to be reimbursed properly if they’re damaged or lost during delivery. Don’t hesitate to ask about their cargo insurance so you know it will be sufficient for the cost of your items. Contact a company such as M & B Couriers Pty Ltd to learn...

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