The 4 Types of Fire That Make Your Small Business a Success

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It’s not easy running a small business. It’s tiring, it’s stressful, and sometimes it might feel as if the whole world is against you. Perhaps the most difficult part of all is figuring out how to balance everything. Where do you even begin? For starters, all you need to do is remember the word “fire”.  Listed below are four tips and tricks related to this word that can get your company’s production and turnover really heating up.

Fire Drills & Safety

A safe business is a successful business. With the help of companies such as Total Fire Solutions (Aust) Pty. Ltd. check, check and double check that every fire safety item is up to scratch, the emergency exits are clearly signposted, and that employees are regularly and fully briefed on every kind of safety – from food hygiene to fire drills. Be sure to regularly question your employees with regards to safety measures, and make certain that you know every single one of them like the back of your hand. Government regulations mean that every business must adhere to certain industry standards, and if your company continually fails to follow the necessary procedures through correctly, then officials will not hesitate to shut your business down.

Make sure everything feels safe and secure at all times too. If employees do not feel safe in their working environment, then their productivity may suffer. Also, if disaster does strike, they will every right to sue you for negligence in the workplace, which can put a significant financial strain on your company and cause you unnecessary mental stress.


Most modern-day small businesses use computers in one way or another, and it is absolutely vital that your company operates safely and securely when using internet access. Make sure that every single computer in your company’s office has a firewall built in place. If you’re not sure how to do this, it is certainly worth hiring an IT expert to come in and do it for you. Not only does this prevent employees from accessing the wrong kind of sites, but it also provides the business servers with a defense against external hackers.  

All business documents need to be backed up. Whilst it’s important to try and conserve printing in order to protect the enviornment, it’s always handy to have a paper copy of some of the more important documents. Ensure that every single one of your employees knows the rules and regulations regarding computer network use, and what to avoid when scouring the internet or opening e-mails.


Employee motivation is absolutely essential for high business productivity. Happy employees are productive employees, and it’s important for you as a business owner to keep the fireworks crackling and avoid a cloud of tedium and boredom spreading across the office. Keep things ticking over by encouraging employee feedback. The use of web-based 360 feedback tools and surveys allow your employees to have their say, and you can use this information to actively improve your business. Be sure to repeat that you have an open-door policy. If possible, implement some job rotation within your company too, as this will keep things fresh and interesting for all your staff.

However, it’s important not to go overboard in terms of rewards. Employees will take advantage of you if you provide them with too many perks, and it’s vital that you set limits. Make employees truly aware of their role in the business in order to keep those morale fireworks flying.

Fire & Hire

Put a lot of time, effort and resources into your recruitment process. Not only does firing an employee cause incredible amounts of mental strain and stress, it can also be rather costly in financial terms. It’s always best to do your absolute most to get it right the first time, and hire the right person for the job.

Whilst firing employees can be a difficult task, do not be afraid to get rid of the dead wood. Enforce a strict three strikes policy (in accordance with official state laws) from the beginning, and if an employee repeatedly fails to pull their weight, then issue them with a notice of dismissal. There isn’t room for sentiment when it comes to running a business. By all means give your employees a chance to prove themselves, but at the same time you cannot allow anyone to hold the business back. 

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