Advantages Of Custom Seat Covers

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Seat covers are popular accessories for vehicles because they provide an extra layer to safeguard the integrity of the seats. This ensures that the resale value of the automobile does not decline due to worn-out seat features. They can also restore the visual appeal of the interior of an old vehicle, which in turn enhances comfort. The process of buying seat covers is daunting since there is a wide range of products available. If you are considering purchasing these fabric accessories, your primary decision will be whether to get custom or universal seat covers.

Universal covers can typically be bought in online and local auto accessories dealers and are made such that they fit on a range of pertinent seat configurations while custom made seat covers are designed for a specific car as ordered by the client. Here some of the benefits of choosing the latter option over universal alternatives.

The Fit

Custom seat covers are tailor-made based on the specific dimensions of the car model. Your products will be configured such that they encompass the main seat and the headrest. You can also present special request on covers that can be installed on other areas such as armrests. With a good designer and supplier, you will not have to constantly readjust since there will be no slipping or sliding of the fabric. The installation problems commonly associated with smaller than ideal universal covers are not experienced with custom products.


The durability and quality of custom seat covers is only limited by your budget and preferences. You can specify the exact fabric material you require by considering factors such as your lifestyle and maintenance needs. Universal covers sometimes utilise both low and high quality materials to offset the total production costs. Custom products are typically more expensive but you can be certain that you will receive exactly what you pay for. For instance, you can be certain that there will be no faux leather in hidden sections of the covers if you order and purchase real leather.

Style Options

Custom seat cover suppliers have a wide range of patterns to choose from so you can personalise the interior design of the car. There are different colour possibilities depending on the intrinsic properties of your chosen material. For instance, velour is available in almost every colour while ballistic nylon is limited to black and similar dark shades. When ordering your covers, consider selecting design styles that match the visible interior panels of your vehicle.

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