Plumbing Woes: 4 Telltale Causes of a Leaking Shower

Posted by on Feb 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

A leaking shower will cause a range of problems that could be mildly annoying or unequivocally vicious. The kind of leak in your shower will dictate whether you need simple or extensive repair work to be conducted. A leaking shower head or faucet is a minor fix that you can undertake on your own. But major leaks that threaten the structural integrity of floors and ceilings require professional assistance. Here are 4 telltale causes of a leaking shower. Incorrectly Fitted Washers A common problem faced in a leaking shower is the result of the washer that seals the outlet and prevents water from spewing out when it is turned off. If you are facing a leaking shower problem, there is a possibility that the washer inside the outlet is worn out or incorrectly installed. This is an easy fix: simply remove the old washer and replace it with a snug-fitting new washer to stop the leak. Loose Connections A loose connection somewhere is perhaps the most common reason for a leaking shower. If you notice a loose shower head, you simply need to tighten the nuts holding the pipe to the shower head. This minor problem can easily be fixed on your own. A bigger problem of a leaking shower is a loose or cracked pipe. Water flows into the shower through pipes that are installed in the bathroom walls. This will create wet patches on the lining of the wall. You’ll need to undo the wall lining to expose the loose pipe; a professional should undertakes this as it involves more intricate plumbing work. Poor Drain Connection For water to drain from the shower, it should pass through the holes in the drain and through the pipe. If the drain connection is improperly fitted or if too much residue from hair and soap retains within the pipes, water will start leaking from the drainpipe and into the area below the drain—this will ultimately destroy the ceiling or subflooring beneath the drainpipe. This complex fix requires the help of professional plumbers such as Gaffney’s Leaking Showers. Cracked Shower Heads A shower head leak could be the result of a crack that has developed internally. This can be identified easily by running water and carefully observing the area of the shower head that is leaking. Once you’ve pinpointed the leaking area, plumbing putty should be used to seal the crack if it isn’t too large to prevent the leak from getting bigger. A major shower head crack is best fixed by replacing your old shower head with a completely new...

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