How to Choose the Best AC Option for Your Home or Apartment

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If you need air conditioning in your home or apartment, you don’t need to choose a central air unit as this is not your only option. For apartment dwellers and those who live in small homes or who don’t have the budget for a large, central unit, consider some additional options you might choose for air conditioning. These can keep your space cool without the expense and installation costs of a central air conditioning unit.

1. Window units

The large, loud window units you might be familiar with are a thing of the past. Today’s window air conditioning units are smaller, thinner, and much quieter than ever before. They are easy to lift and to install in a window, and because they’re lighter you can just close the pane on top of them and they rest easily in the frame without needing to be braced up on the outside of the window.

A window unit is good for apartment dwellers who may want to take their unit with them when they move, or might be a good choice for bedrooms when you don’t want to run your central unit at night but still stay cool and comfortable.

2. Portable units

Just as you can find space heaters in the hardware store, there are also portable air conditioners as well. Larger units that cool bigger rooms may be on wheels so you can move them easily, or you might find smaller units that you can set up in a corner and simply plug in. Most still need to be vented out a window but these vents are very thin and lightweight and easy to manage.

These are also good for apartment dwellers who want something they can take with them when they leave. They’re also a good choice for rooms that never seem to get cool and which aren’t used consistently, such as an upstairs bedroom that is poorly insulated and which allows the cool air to escape easily.

3. Split systems

Split systems are what you commonly see in hotels. These are vented directly out an outer wall rather than being connected to a central unit. This means they require less work for installation and are more affordable to operate, since a split system only cools one room at a time. It’s a good choice for smaller homes and studio apartments, and the unit itself is very small and can fit easily into a wall or even the ceiling. Since they’re easier to install and smaller, they’re often more affordable to purchase than a central unit.

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