3 Important Tips for Making Your Exhibition Display Stand Out from the Crowd

Posted by on Feb 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

Participating in an expo of some sort is a great way to advertise your product or service directly to potential customers and clients. You can talk with consumers face-to-face and even demonstrate your product to them. However, one drawback of expos is that you’re just one booth among hundreds if not even thousands of others, and it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Consider a few tips to make any exhibition more noticeable and memorable when at an expo. 1. Use motion The human eye is more likely to notice something that is in motion rather than something that remains still, which is why many traffic or warning lights actually blink or flash; a driver is more likely to notice the blinking light than one that is stationary. Use this to your advantage at an expo and have blinking or flashing lights or a scrolling sign, rather than simple banners and static signs. People will notice your booth even from a distance. 2. Use color Their eyes also notices bright and bold colors, and this too is something to remember when at an expo. Your colors should somehow coordinate with your product, for example, tech products might use a cool blue whereas organic foods and skincare products might stick with a soft green. However, these colors should be bold and very noticeable around your booth and should be the dominant color, rather than simple white. This too will get you noticed from a distance and will ensure your booth stands out from all those surrounding it. 3. Use video Video is a great choice for making your booth stand out from a crowd at an expo as it not only draws people to your booth but can also “sell” your product to them. A person may be attracted to the moving image and sound of a video but they may also stand and watch a demonstration of your product or a sales pitch that’s part of the product. This gives you the added bonus of not just drawing a crowd to your booth but also showing them the value and benefit of your product and services A video can be something you show on a small TV monitor on a countertop or it can be something you display on a large screen overhead, depending on what you’re allowed at the expo. Either way, it can be a great sales tool and get your booth noticed. Glean more tips from experts such as Go Hire The Event People to make a great impression at your next...

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