Things To Ask A Personal Trainer

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When you’ve decided that you need help with your fitness program, you may want to hire a personal trainer. These professionals specialise in designing a nutrition and exercise program that can help you achieve your fitness goals. But before you hire a personal trainer, here are some important questions to ask. What’s The Best Way For Me To Lose Weight? — This question will give you an idea of a prospective personal trainer’s overall fitness philosophy. Some trainers will tell you to cut your carb intake, increase your protein consumption and exercise five days a week. Some trainers may emphasise cardio more than strength training to achieve weight loss. But the one thing you do want to hear a prospective trainer say is that you have to burn more calories than you consume. Without that as a foundation, the rest of it doesn’t really matter. What’s Your Feeling About Supplements? — Some personal trainers will recommend vitamin and protein powders to help you maximise your training, but you should be wary of any prospective trainer who talks extensively about the value of supplements, unless that trainer is also a nutritionist or dietician. With the number of supplements on the market, you definitely want to take advice from someone who’s qualified to know how the supplements will affect your mind and body. How Often Should I Work Out? — This is a trick question, and a very important one—without a full physical evaluation, a prospective personal trainer should never answer that question. Any trainer who responds by providing you with a number without having first put you through an initial physical test to evaluate your stamina, fitness level and overall conditioning is one you should avoid. Are You A Full-Time Trainer? — Some personal trainers only provide services on a part-time basis, meaning that they have another job that pays the bills. It may sound harsh, but you really want to avoid trainers who don’t work full-time at their profession. It doesn’t necessarily follow that a part-time trainer is a bad choice, but a trainer who works full-time at their job is often one who is more successful, which is why they are able to devote their time exclusively to helping people like you achieve their fitness goals. When you’re interviewing a personal trainer, the most important thing you can do is find someone who has a fitness philosophy that takes both your mind and body into account. You also want a trainer who will challenge and motivate you, which can help you break through burnout and fatigue, and encourage you to achieve new milestones. For more information, contact a company like Peak Performance Personal...

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4 Important Finances To Look At Before Buying A Laundromat

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You need to think about several factors before you buy a given laundromat. This article discusses four important figures that you should pay attention to when deciding whether to a buy a particular Laundromat. The Gross Weekly Income As you look at the records of the Laundromat you want to buy, pay attention to the gross income it makes every week. This number is very important because it gives you a critical clue into how busy that business is. If the number is very low, the Laundromat may not be as profitable as you would want it to be since profits come from keeping the machines busy at work. If the figure is high, the business may be worth considering. The Duration Of The Lease Location is a very important factor for any business, including Laundromats. It is for this reason that you should inquire into how much time is still left on the lease of that Laundromat you would like to buy. The longer the lease (for instance, 20 years) the more attractive that business is. Do not buy a Laundromat whose lease is about to expire since you may end up being stuck with equipment that you must get space for. What Fraction Of Gross Earnings Goes To Utilities Utilities like water and electricity are the biggest expense of a Laundromat, so this figure is very important when you are evaluating the profitability of the Laundromat you want to buy. If the percentage of this cost is high, for instance close to 50 per cent, then that business may not be very profitable. If you buy a business with a high percentage of the gross earnings going to utilities, then you may have to raise what you charge customers in order to improve profitability. Turns Per Day For Each Machine This figure gives you a very clear idea of which machines in the Laundromat are very busy and which ones are not doing much work. This information will help you to know whether you need to install bigger machines in the Laundromat or get rid of the big machines if they are not doing a lot of work. The data on turns per day can also help you to decide when it is time to expand the business. If you keep the figures above in mind as you evaluate different Laundromats, you will choose the most profitable one and the investment will give you a very good...

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