The Benefits Of Using Perforated Metal As A Building Material

Posted by on Nov 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

Perforated metal is gaining popularity as a building materialto shore up the structural strength of a building or to be used as an internal feature. Consider some advantages to using perforated metal as a building material for your new construction or for when you’re remodelling or renovating a building. 1. It’s completely recyclable Perforated metal sheets are completely recyclable so they’re more environmentally friendly. When a building is renovated or remodelled, the perforated metal sheets won’t wind up in a landfill where they would then break down and leak chemicals into the soil and groundwater. Instead, perforated metal can be reused in other buildings or it can be melted down and recycled for other uses. For any building owner that is concerned about the environment or who wants to reduce his or her own contribution to pollution, this can be a perfect option. 2. It can reduce energy costs When you use perforated metal on the facade of a building, you are using the natural cooling abilities of shadow to cut down on energy costs. One study showed that a building may see a 29% reduction in energy costs by using perforated metal. For larger buildings or buildings of any size, this can add up to quite the cost savings over the years. 3. Perforated metal is virtually maintenance free When you use perforated metal for a building material, it is virtually maintenance free, which can cut down on the cost and hassle of making repairs. Other building materials may get easily damaged or need regular repairs, but perforated metal needs little if any maintenance. It is easy to clean as well; for interior uses it can be simply dusted or washed with a damp rag and doesn’t need special cleansers or other products. This saves on the cost of a cleaning crew and cuts down on the time it may take to maintain or replace these materials. 4. Perforated metal lasts for years Along with being virtually maintenance free, perforated metal is meant to last for years. Other building materials are prone to rot or mould, but perforated metal is durable and long-lasting. In turn this reduces a building owner’s costs in having materials replaced or in eventually needing to have a building demolished because building materials are beyond repair. Remember these four advantages to perforated metal and consider using it for a building material either inside your building or as a structural material. For more information, contact a business such as Acorn Metal Products Pty...

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