Repairing Air Conditioning Ductwork

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Your air conditioning system is able to provide cool air to every room in your home through a series of ducts that are behind walls, in attics, etc. Because you can’t see the ductwork, it tends to be ignored. But, it is important to keep your ductwork in good repair in order to ensure that your air conditioning system is always going to be working properly. It may be that there are areas of the ductwork that needs to be repaired or cleaned. For instance, if small critters get into the ductwork—and this happens a lot—they can chew through it and create a lot of damage. Here are three ways that you can repair ductwork, using materials you can purchase from air conditioning ducting suppliers and hardware stores. Making Temporary Repairs With Duct Tape If sections of the ductwork need to be removed in order to clean the ducts, or if there are any cracks in the ductwork or the seams, you can temporarily repair these problems simply by using a roll of duct tape. It is extremely durable, and is commonly used to hold duct seams together so there are no air leaks. You can get this at any hardware store, and it is also available through air conditioning ducting suppliers. Use the duct tape to cover small holes, seams, and other areas where there are minor damages. Installing Duct Sections When sections of your ductwork are broken or damaged, it doesn’t mean that you need to replace everything. You can get duct sections from air conditioning ducting suppliers to repair the damage, and it is available in many different lengths, depending on how much you need. First, use a pair of sharp scissors to cut out the sections to be replaced. Put the duct sections on, using duct tape to hold them in place. Repairing Metal Ductwork If the ductwork in your home is older, it is likely made from metal tubes. You can get pieces of sheet metal to repair this type of ductwork. You will need to have a pair of tin snips to cut the damaged part away, and to cut the sheet metal to the size you need. All you have to do is cut a piece of the sheet metal that will fit over the damaged area, and put it on with metal screws. Don’t forget to seal everything with duct tape. Replacing Insulation The insulation around the ductwork in your home can become damaged over time, especially if there are small animals tearing and chewing at it. You can buy small insulation sections for this type of repair work, which you will need to cut to fit. Remove the damaged insulation, wrap the new insulation around the ducts and use duct tape to make sure the insulation stays put. For more information, visit a local air duct supplier, such as Air-Con...

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