2 Major Things You Need to Know about Living on a Houseboat

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In this age of fast-paced living and consumer culture, many people feel more and more inclined to either drop out of the rat-race altogether—or investigate alternative methods of living which create a greater capacity for autonomy in one sense or another. For that reason there is often something alluring and romantic about the houseboat. You’re never anchored to one place for longer than you’d like it to be, and you’re never forced into the monotony of neighbourhood politics. If you happen to be feeling the lure of the open waterways and considering life aboard a houseboat, here are a couple of basics you need to know in advance. You Don’t Get Much Space This one should essentially go without saying. On a houseboat, you are bound to have less space for the complexities of your day-to-day life than you were used to in even a modest apartment. For this reason, one of your first priorities when preparing for your move onto the boat should be to radically trim the excess belongings from your life and try to arrive with as light a load as possible. Clutter can be destabilising in any environment, but when you live in a confined space it is all the more important to be orderly. Here is a list of the basic spaces you can expect your houseboat to have, along with their proper “sea-names”: Berth—Bed Cabin A “Common Area” Head—Bathroom Galley Kitchen / Kitchenette Stateroom—Bedroom Cockpit Steering Area Nav. Station—Navigation Equipment Area They Come in Two Varieties Unbeknownst to many people, houseboats come in two broad categories: cruising houseboats and non-cruising houseboats. Cruising houseboats are designed to move, usually fitted with powerful engine systems and sails. They tend to have a variety of features which the non-cruising variety don’t. They specifically have on-board power generators, extra battery units, waste and clean water tanks. Non-cruising houseboats are designed to stay moored in one place. They may feature very small, weak engines but often have none whatsoever. These are not functional “boats” in the way you may understand them, but rather are something like floating apartments. Non-cruising houseboats often don’t feature the “travel adaptations” that are common in cruising houseboats. For example, they will frequently need to be connected by hose to separate clean water and waste disposal outlets, rather than having their own tanks. Living in a houseboat might be the next ideal home for you. Contact experts such as Kia Marina Houseboat Hire to learn more about your...

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