Is Minibus Hire a Good Option When Travelling?

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When transporting a large group of people, travelling using ordinary vehicles may not be ideal. In terms of getting sports teams or tour groups from one location to another, managing to pack everyone in the same vehicle can prove convenient. But what options are available? One good option is a minibus hire

Not Everybody Can Drive Every Minibus

There are two different tracks to take when it comes to minibuses – driving them yourself, or soliciting a chauffeur. If you opt for the former option, the primary concern is that any vehicle over 12 seats cannot be driven using just a standard car licence. It instead requires a special LR (light rigid) certification. To obtain an LR licence, you must pass a written exam as well as a practical driving test in an LR-class vehicle. For this reason, rental companies will often purchase standard 14 seat vehicles and simply remove two of the seats. If you require and intend to rent a vehicle with more than 12 seats, you must know someone with an LR licence who can drive it, or alternatively, seek out a chauffeured option.


To rent a standard 12 seat minibus would not incur unreasonable prices. Once source, for example, offers such vehicles conditionally from $95/day. Depending on the length of the trip – the time between first using the vehicle and returning it to the car rental company – this could turn out to be good value for money. Alternatively, you could solicit a chauffeur to drive you around, but this could prove prohibitively expensive, with prices up to $300 a day depending on your individual needs.

Is Minibus Hire Right for You?

While using numerous cars instead of one single minibus could prove frustrating in terms of finding parking, saving time, etc., the more economically thrifty and scrupulous may pursue that option anyway. Consider weighing the prices of renting multiple cars against the cost of renting a minibus from the same company, as the former may end up cheaper. It could result in you saving money in the long term.

Final Words

In terms of conveniently moving large groups of people for road trips, sporting events or tour groups, minibus rental can prove an effective and even reasonably priced solution. Just ensure that you are adequately licenced to drive the minibus you are hiring and that you are definitely opting for the most cost-effective solution.

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